10 romantic plans in London

When planning romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year, most couples choose Paris and Venice, considered by many to be the most romantic cities in Europe. And although those who think this are not without reason, the truth is that any destination can become the most romantic in the world if you visit it accompanied by your better half.

One of the places worth visiting as a couple is London . Therefore, we recommend that you take this city into account when planning a getaway with your great love. To show you that it can be a fantastic option, today we are going to propose 10 romantic plans that you can do in the English capital. Can you come with us?

London eye

London eye
First of all, we want to propose that you contemplate London from the sky in one of the cabins of the London Eye, one of the icons of the city. Although the capsules of the attraction are usually full of tourists, you have the possibility of renting an exclusive cabin and enjoying champagne and cava.

Thames cruise

Another super romantic plan is to take a cruise on the Thames, an excursion that will allow you to discover some of the most emblematic corners of the city from another point of view. In addition, some ships offer dinners under the moonlight accompanied by music.

Night of the stars

If you are in London on the night of February 14, you can enjoy the Night of the Stars offered by the Greenwich Park Observatory. Of course, you should know that it is also worth visiting this place by the hand of your partner at any other time of the year.

A picnic

London is a city that is full of parks, which of them more beautiful, so if you are lucky enough to catch a sunny and warm day, do not hesitate to go to one of them and enjoy a picnic with your partner. Hyde Park, St. Jame’s Park, Regent’s Park or Kengsington Gardens are just some of them.

Ice skating

ice skating
During winter you can also enjoy another super romantic plan: ice skating. In fact, you will find several tracks scattered around the city: on the London Eye, in Somerset House, in Hyde Park, in the Natural History Museum …

A dinner in the heights

Your partner will surely love to enjoy dinner with wonderful views of all of London. Well, you can do it in the Millbank Tower , a high tower where you will find several restaurants with amazing views.

Visit the Whisper Gallery

Another plan that can be super romantic is to visit the Cathedral of San Pablo, and not only because of how beautiful it is, but because it has a very special corner. It is the Gallery of Whispers, which is located in the dome . If you face each other but separated by the abyss of height, you will be able to hear each other say “I love you”.

Fly over london

Balloon ride
It can also be a perfect plan to take a balloon ride around the London capital. Of course, there is an even more daring option: take a helicopter trip. You can do it from the London Helicopter Center. Without a doubt, it is a spectacular experience.

The Electric Cinema

It can also be a great idea to catch a movie at The Electric Cinema, which is located in the Notting Hill neighborhood. Considered the oldest cinema in the city, it practically retains its original appearance. It is important to note that there are double beds in the first row and that the cinema provides cashmere blankets.

Stroll through the most emblematic places

Finally, we want to recommend that you visit with your partner some of the most emblematic places of the city. You will find some of them in our article “Essential visits in London”.

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