10 tips to go on vacation for little money

Thinking about your next vacation ? How exciting! So that the economic issue does not stop you when choosing a destination, I have decided to prepare this article with up to 10 tips that will allow you to save money before and during the trip.

These are tips that have come in handy for me in recent years, so I hope you can say the same too. Would you like to meet them? Let’s go there!

1- Book in advance

It is a classic. Booking in advance usually guarantees lower prices on airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rentals. Of course, sometimes the opposite happens, since there are companies that change their pricing strategy over the months if they are not selling as expected.

2- Travel in low season

Traveling in July and August is the most expensive. So you have to consider other options, such as traveling in June or September . They are months in which the weather is very good, so in that sense there is no problem. The only problem you can have when it comes to balancing your vacations in those months, since many companies close in August and they don’t give you many options.


3- Invest time in comparators

Looking at hundreds of hotel websites has gone down in history. Now you can use comparators like Trivago or Kayak . And not only for hotels, since you can also compare prices of flights, trains, car rentals, flight + hotel packages … They allow you to find the best price easily, and best of all, there are filters that allow you to fine-tune the maximum in search.

4- Value leaving the apartment

Leaving an apartment is a very good option to save, since you can eat there without having to visit a restaurant twice a day. It is especially recommended when traveling as a family , who of course invest much more money on vacations than a couple or a person traveling alone. Although children’s menus are cheaper than normal menus, there is nothing cheaper than preparing a pot of macaroni at the apartment. And the children so happy.


5- Be satisfied with being lodged far from the center

The location of the accommodation is usually one of the factors that most influence the price. The closer you want to be to the center or important monuments, the more you will have to pay. Therefore, if you do not mind walking or commuting by public transport every day, the best thing you can do is go to a hotel or apartment away from the hub.

6- Do not trust that travel agencies have the best prices

We always went with all the enthusiasm to travel agencies to hire our vacations. That began to be lost with the arrival of the Internet , and today few survive. Those that have been reinvented offer very attractive packs for everything they include, although the price you end up paying is usually higher than what you would pay if you had booked it for free. It is logical considering that they have a series of expenses that they would not have if they only sold online.

travel agency

7- Make a list of sites that you can visit for free

When you go on vacation, you usually have to prepare to pay to visit certain places, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the castles in Scotland, the Empire States in New York … Fortunately, not everything is paid , and there are even activities that they are free on certain days of the week or month. One of them? The museums (not all).

8- Hold on to bonuses and discount cards

Discount cards and vouchers can save you a lot of euros. Find out before reaching your destination and do it one more time when you land. Some cities offer packs to visit several monuments and museums at a much cheaper price than if they were visited separately.


9- Get around by public transport

Renting a car is much more expensive than getting around by public transport. That is why we recommend you go for the bus, the train or the subway. Think about the trips you are going to do and consider the possibility of buying a ticket that includes 10 trips or more for an attractive price.

10- Look for last minute bargains

In the first point I have talked about the reservation in advance, which has nothing to do with looking for last minute bargains. Oddly enough, those who wait for a last chance sometimes have a prize. Customer cancellations or low demand for some accommodations can make last-gasp travel cheaper than with maximum foresight.

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