A getaway to Stockholm

Stockholm , the Swedish capital, is possibly the most expensive city in the Scandinavian countries, although it is not very expensive compared to Spain. If you only have a couple of days to travel to Stockholm, don’t worry because you have many things to see even if it is only a short time. First of all, buy the city ​​card since with it you can travel by metro, by bus, enter the museums and get discounts at various attractions. You can buy it at any vending machine in the metro stations, as well as at the Tourist Offices that are scattered around the city.

The first stop should be Gamla Stan , the main street of the city and where you will walk leaving behind department stores, shops and the best cafes, you will even have time to go in to have a drink in one, since Stockholm is a very cold city in the winter season and a coffee or a chocolate with the typical sweets will do you wonderfully. Then head over to Skansen , an open-air museum and the city’s zoo where you can discover much of Sweden’s history. There is a tram stop outside the door. In another museum, the Vasa Museum , you can see a 17th century warship, the Wasa, which sank when it was finished and had barely traveled 1,300 meters. It was in 1628 and they rescued him in 1961. They say it is never too late if happiness is good.

Something that you cannot miss is the Local Market , where you can taste and buy the most typical foods of the area with the best possible quality. For the rest, you can wander around to discover all the charms that Stockholm hides in areas such as the Old Town or take a quiet walk along the river. At night, stop by Icebar Absoluto , a spectacular bar sculpted in ice where you can have a drink … or two, ice for this you will surely not lack!