Airplane seats preferred by passengers

preferred aircraft seats
Do you already have your vacation ready for this summer? Let’s see if I guess… You’re going to catch a plane! Most likely, you are right, because it is the preferred alternative for most travelers thanks to how fast, how comfortable and how cheap it can be to fly . Of course, it is not the same to travel in one seat as in another, right?

The well-known low-cost airline EasyJet (currently the second cheapest airline after Ryanair) has asked 10,000 passengers across Europe about their preferences regarding seats on airplanes, in addition to analyzing their own sales data, in order to identify which seats are preferred by travelers. Do you want to discover which is the passenger’s favorite seat on our continent? And the least popular? We will reveal it to you below!

Window before hall

According to data collected by EasyJet, the favorite seat of European travelers is the 7F, while the least popular is the 19C. As the company explains, nationality, age and travel companion influence when choosing, although, in general, preferences are maintained: passengers choose the window in 59% of cases compared to 38% who chooses aisle, and the seventh row is the most requested.

preferred aircraft seats1
Curious is the number of passengers who choose the seats in the center : only 3%, usually to give their partner the window or the aisle.

Difference between generations

Apparently, as the age increases, the travelers decide more for the corridor, while the younger ones generally prefer the window, especially for taking photos . Also, according to sales, the right side of the plane is more popular than the left.