Airports where you can sleep

sleeping at the airport
Traveling lately is getting very expensive . Finding a cheap, comfortable and clean hotel at a good price is a real utopia for millions of young people who do not have enough purchasing power. For this reason, surely, the number of young people traveling has decreased this year by 7%.

From Vuelaviajes we want to put an end to these headaches and offer you a most original solution: sleeping in airports . There are airports where it is worth taking the risk and trying it. Others, however, are better avoided. Here is a list of the best and worst airports for sleeping in the world.

The best airports to sleep

Singapore (Changi), Hong Kong, Seoul, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur, Oslo, Istanbul, Athens and Auckland.

The worst airports to sleep in

Paris (CDG), New York (JGK), Moscow, Los Angeles, Manila, Paris (Beauvais), Doha, New York (LGA), Brussels (Charleroi) and Rome (Ciampino).

Changi Airport Pool (Singapore)