Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco

If you are going to be in San Francisco , in addition to visiting the famous Golden Gate or its streets with endless slopes, I totally recommend that you go to Alcatraz, the famous jail used in the 30s and that was a federal prison more or less until the beginning of the decade of the 60, which was when the prosecutor Kennedy, brother of the famous JFK, decided to close it for budgetary reasons. One of the most famous prisoners who passed through there is Al Capone. Today it is a place of worship and the setting for a multitude of films, as well as a place of interest that millions of visitors tread every year.

Going there will take you a little time, since it is on a small island discovered in 1775 and to whom Juan Manuel de Ayala, its discoverer, gave the name of "The island of the Alcatraces", but without a doubt the trip will be worth the visit. pain. First of all, organize the excursion well. You have to get up early. Ferries to Alcatraz leave throughout the day from Fisherman’s Wharf, but it’s best to go early as the waters of the bay are usually a bit choppy in the afternoon.

Once in Alcatraz Prison , organize the time you have well to be able to fully enjoy it. At first glance it will seem small but I assure you that there is a lot to see and a lot of history to discover within its walls. If you are not done at lunch yet, take a break to sit down to eat enjoying the spectacular views of San Francisco.

In order not to miss anything, it is best to take the audio guide in Spanish, since although there are guides who explain everything, they speak very quickly to give a lot of information and it is possible that you will miss many interesting parts. Walking between its walls takes you to the time when the cells were full and it is set with the sounds that were in the past and that if you are looking at a cell in an empty corridor, it is impressive to hear as if the bars were lowered. Of course, the camera with full battery.