An ice hotel in Finland

The city of Kemi , located in Finnish Lapland and north of the Baltic Sea, became known some years ago for having the largest snow castle in the world. Every winter, its architecture is different, although it preserves the popular style of the area.

The tradition of building in the Arctic with this type of material is very old . Although it is very versatile, temperature is the factor that most influences when building. When it reaches 0 degrees, the snow is very wet and heavy, so its grip capacity is very high. However, when this temperature is exceeded, nothing can be built.

Depending on the weather conditions, the hotel’s opening and operating periods are established annually, although the opening normally takes place in January .

The Snow Castle, or snow castle , has a fabulous restaurant whose tables and chairs are lined with reindeer skin. In it you can have hot and cold drinks, a wide variety of dishes for lunch and dinner, and a totally vegetarian menu. Both the restaurant and the hotel are decorated with ice sculptures, some of which are replicas of emblematic buildings. Light and sound effects complete this fantastic decoration.

Another integral part of the castle is the hotel , which offers the visitor the same services that we find in this type of establishment. It has double rooms, rooms for groups and a bridal suite . Breakfast is included in the price, as is taking a shower or sauna at a nearby hotel.

Finally, the castle chapel offers its space for meditation and meditation. In addition, weddings and other types of events can be held, since it has a capacity with capacity for 50 people. Over the years, many marriages have been celebrated in it.

The temperature throughout the complex is 5 degrees below zero , so it is necessary to wear warm clothes. During the night , it can reach 50 below zero . For this reason, we will only find access doors, because in this way there are no drafts and the buildings are kept perfectly isolated.

For all those who want to experience the cold arctic winter and are attracted to the exotic, Kemi will more than meet your expectations.