An igloo resort in Switzerland

An iglus-resort-in-Switzerland
Although these days the first rays of sun begin to appear in many parts of our country, it is still winter closed in many parts of the world and the ski season still has a few more weeks, especially in the Alps , where you can find this original resort of igloos that have their own ski slopes and that are private for all the clients that stay there.

This very special resort is called Whitepod and is about 1,500 meters high on the slopes near Les Cerniers , in the heart of the Swiss Alps . You have 7 kilometers of slopes and, best of all, 15 igloos where you can spend the night in the middle of the mountain and surrounded by an unbeatable natural environment. An incredible experience, since waking up and being in that place and with those views has to be spectacular.

The interior of the igloos is very bright thanks to the fact that it is not a normal igloo made with blocks of ice and snow, but rather they are like tents that are shaped like an igloo and have a large window through which all the light enters. Each is on a wooden platform and has a balcony to enjoy views of the entire hillside.

The interior decoration is very alpine, how could it be otherwise, although it is also very cozy and has many very nice details such as an iron stove or some skis hanging over the headboard of the bed, which in reality is not such but which is a thin partition that separates the room from the bathroom. I have loved it, and although this year I am not going to decide to go even if there are a couple of bridges now, I will definitely put this igloo resort in Switzerland on my list of places that I would like to visit, and having to be in winter for sure advance several positions.