Another iPad app about travel

The well-known hotel chain InterContinental has launched a new application for the iPad that aims to become an essential tool for many travelers. This application provides rich content on all the destinations chosen by its users. This new application has been designed in order to take advantage of the knowledge of some essential people in all the hotels of the chain: their porters .

The porters are the best guide that any traveler can find as soon as he leaves the door of the hotel where he is staying. They know the best restaurants, the most recommended area for shopping, where you can go for a drink, etc. The application has information on more than 120 destinations. Other features included in the application are: interactive maps, video streaming of the specific destination, suggests new itineraries, tips when going to the airport and detailed information about the hotel where you are going to stay and its capacity.

Although the travel guide applications of different publishers, such as Lonely Planet, have multiplied in a very short time, the content of this new application seems to be quite hard when it comes to becoming a good competitor .

In August, the Fairmont hotel chain published its own application, which offers a similar selection of information so that tourists can enjoy their chosen destination during their vacations. An InterContinental spokesperson has commented that this type of application will improve more every day, since travelers do not stop using this type of wireless device to search for all the information they can about the destination they are going to go to.