Antelope Canyon, Arizona

When you get to the surroundings of the Antelope Canyon , in the United States, you have the feeling of being in a place that does not belong to Earth. It is like having landed on another planet . But, entering it through a small crack in the ground is like entering a magical and unreal world, created between high vertical rock walls.

To find it you have to travel to the city of Page , in the state of Arizona. Nearby, and within the Navajo Indian reservation , is the Antelope Canyon (or Antelope Canyon), a reddish geological phenomenon, the result of sandstone erosion. A wonder of nature.

A natural spectacle

If you want to know the Antelope Canyon, the first thing you should know is that free entry to it is not allowed. You can only visit it if you are accompanied by a Navajo native, since it is precisely on the lands of the Indian reservation. We already talked to you on one occasion of the attractiveness of visiting the Indian reservations in Arizona.

This canyon is a special place for them, very spiritual , so they want to protect it as much as possible. In addition, there is a danger of flooding due to torrential rains in the region, another reason why it cannot be visited if it is not accompanied by a guide.

There are actually two guns: one upper and one lower. The high rock walls, sometimes arranged in a zig zag, can reach 40 meters in height. It is a real spectacle to contemplate these walls and see the exterior light above. Although it is not a place that is too exploited touristically speaking, when you go to visit it try to go very early or at the last minute, especially if you go in high season.

The canyon has a special charm for photographers, who can develop all their creativity there. In fact, there are organized photographic tours , in case you are interested in getting to know the canyon from this point of view.