Ballindalloch Castle in Scotland

One of the countries that has the most castles in its spectacular landscapes is Scotland , known worldwide for this fact and for other factors such as its impressive golf courses or for its whiskey. On some occasion I have shown you some of the castles in Scotland and today I would like to show you another that I discovered recently and that I think is one of the most spectacular and beautiful.

Ballindalloch Castle is in the northwestern part of the country, precisely the area where you find the most castles, and it is that out there in each landscape you can see a few. It is in the Moray region, at the foot of the Cairngorms National Park , in a wonderful area to spend a day of rest in its huge valleys or in one of its forests. This castle is also known as "the pearl of the north", so that says it all.

This castle is also very close to the most famous whiskey distilleries in Scotland, so you can certainly do a lot in a single day of visit and get to know some of the most famous things in the country. It is surrounded by hills and rivers, in a truly spectacular natural environment that leaves a postcard landscape like few you can see in your life. It belonged to the Ballindalloch family since its origin in 1546 and since then members of that family have always lived there, even now.

Inside it houses a wide collection of 17th century Spanish paintings and the castle is said to be inhabited by a ghost known as "the green lady". Outside, huge gardens through which the Spey and Avoy rivers pass and in which fishing is allowed and it is also excellent (especially salmon). The castle has a shop where you can buy various handicrafts and typical Scottish souvenirs.