Basel, a city full of culture

If you travel to Switzerland, do not forget to visit the city of Basel if you have the opportunity. This is the third most populous city in the country and is located northwest of east on the Rum River . It is a city that stands out from the rest both for the great cultural quality it offers, as well as for its traditional market or its headquarters for fairs since the Middle Ages.

It is located in the border triangle that constitutes Germany, France and Switzerland itself. It is also considered a university city , specifically Basel is the oldest of all the university cities in Switzerland and is distinguished from the rest by maintaining an open nature to the world.

The vast majority of tourists who visit it, the first impression they have of Basel is that it is a typical Central European city, flirtatious and prosperous. It is full of museums , in particular you can enjoy if you have enough time for twenty-seven. But not only that, there are also numerous luxury exhibitions that take place in the city. A point very in favor of it is its public transport, which is exemplary. It is also a smooth and quiet city.

Among all the museums that we tell you that you can enjoy, both art and history, we offer you a short list below in case you do not have enough time for all of them: The Kunstmuseum, the Beyeler Foundation in Riehen, the Museum Tinguely, La Kunsthalle, the “La Música” history museum, the history museum, the Los callèches history museum, the natural history museum and the El Habitat history museum. Basel also has important galleries , numerous theatrical performances , operas , fairs and many other events.