Beaches in Italy

Italy has a total of 8,500 km [5,345 miles] of coastline and is one of the top destinations for a beach vacation. The problem is that many of its beaches are small, quite rocky or with many pebbles and they fill up quickly with the people who live in the area, especially on weekends.

Ligurian Riviera . It is part of the well-known French Riviera. Nearby are countless villages clustered in bays surrounded by trees lining the hills.

– The closest beach to Rome is Ostia , it is not too beautiful, but if you head southwest between Rome and Naples you will find two much more beautiful beaches. The first is called Terracina and the second Sperlonga . This has a spa in the area where you can walk in peace.

-In the northern part of Italy a beach only for women. The beach in question is called Riccione also known as the Pink beach. This beach is not that it is for lesbians, it has always been used as an escape zone for the most oppressed women. On the beach you can take cooking courses, manicures, etc.

-Islands of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy can be found in the Adriatic area and the coasts of Amalfi. On islands like Sicily , you can find large sandy beaches on the south coast. Undoubtedly the best are in Sardinia , many of them are still unspoiled.