Beaches in Texas

Texas has hundreds of miles of coastline and many beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. These beaches are often very popular with families, college students, and a large crowd of bird watchers and saltwater fishermen, so there is never a shortage of people on Texas beaches. Some of the best known are those at Sea Rim State Park located on the east coast of Texas near Port Arthur.

The park has 5 kilometers of beaches , and although they are not the best and the water tends to have a bit of mud, there are other activities that visitors can do. There is a visitor center where those who decide to visit the area are allowed to camp. The facilities have a terrace with picnic tables, and an observation deck. The park is located in an area of ​​marshes, where you can see wild fauna in its purest form. Canoes can be rented.
Other of the best known beaches are those of the Bolívar Peninsula that begins in High Island and has more than 20 kilometers of beaches that end in Puerto Bolívar. There is a free ferry there that takes visitors to Galveston Island. There are beaches on High Island and Gilcrest, but the most popular beach on the peninsula is Crystal Beach , which has numerous rental cottages for families or groups, as well as hotels.
Crystal Beach gets very crowded on weekends during the summer , but for families who want to stay longer in the area, it is the perfect place to do different activities: golf, fishing, jet ski rental, travel on the ferry , etc. Galveston Island has more than 30 kilometers of beaches, among which East Beach stands out. Often, open-air concerts are held there. It has many family-oriented attractions such as mini golf, volleyball courts, etc.