BioMuseo in Panama for 2011

In Panama they are working very hard on the construction of a BioMuseo that will see the light of day in 2011 if all goes well. There we will be able to contemplate nature and life like never before, biodiversity mixed in a single space. In it, many things will be learned, especially those who have completely forgotten life in the countryside and do not take into account the degradation that the planet is suffering.

The architect Frank Ghery is the main culprit for this creation. Although it was thought that it would be ready before, it has been delayed more than necessary and we will still have to wait more than a year to see its doors open. It will be air-conditioned and will have 4,000 square meters of surface full of nature.

The objective will be none other than to create ecological awareness , to get citizens to understand that natural heritage must be preserved tooth and nail. Eight permanent exhibition galleries will serve this purpose. The most prominent is the Biodiversity Gallery .

Panamarama will be another of the busiest spaces. It will be three levels high and will have 14 screens. In addition, the Vivente Network will be monitoring any movement. This is nothing more than a sculpture representing an animal, a plant, an insect and a microorganism.