Boat and kayak activities in Sweden

Sweden is the perfect place to practice a large number of water-related sports activities. Dotted with plenty of small islands and archipelagos, the more daring can start by exploring the bays and inlets, islets and islands and enjoying sandy beaches. Overnight stays in rural summer houses, or "stuga" will be one of the most recommended accommodations that you can enjoy.

Sailing and boat rental will not cost you too much during the summer months, from June to September. The Stockholm archipelago, which is made up of 24,000 islands, is an excellent place for sailing. While some islands are deserted, others are home to charming restaurants, hotels, and boutiques. Further south of the Stockholm archipelago you will find the island of Gotland, with stunning natural landscapes and beautiful beaches.
The most seasoned boat riders will prefer to explore the thousands of islands and rocky bays that are scattered along the western coast of Sweden’s second-largest city, Gothenburg , all the way to the Norwegian capital of Oslo . In these waters, you will be able to discover the beautiful nature of the area, the unspoiled landscapes, the solitude and some occasional fishing villages.
If kayaking is your thing, you can enjoy endless routes between the islands of the archipelagos on the east coast, near Stockholm, and the west coast, near Gothenburg. Inland, many rivers and streams in Sweden offer beautiful nature tours of the area. You can rest in the many campsites that are dotted around the region.