Business trip

Of course, all hotels have beds and a bathroom (or so we hope), but when it comes to a business trip , not all hotels are specialized in this type of stay. Before making a reservation for a business trip, check some features that the hotel should have to make your stay as pleasant as possible:

1. High speed internet in your room
Whether it’s Wi-Fi or wired, a good internet service in the rooms is essential to keep up-to-date on work matters: checking emails, looking for addresses of arranged appointments, etc.

2. Business Center
You may need to fax or print a report that has undergone changes. It is essential that the hotel can provide you with these services.

living room
3. Room service
Yes, it is expensive and not always very good, but when you are tired after a long day of meetings, the least thing you want to do is drive around the city looking for something to eat.

4. Sports facilities
After working all day and having eaten quite copiously, the ideal is that when you get to the hotel you can do some sport, first to relieve tension and second to keep fit and not get too fat.

5. Transfers from the hotel
This will avoid having to wait for a taxi when you arrive at the airport. This will also help you on the day of your departure: you will not have to be calling or waiting for a taxi.

6. Location
Do some research before booking. Make sure the hotel is close to the meetings you have, good connection to the airport, etc.