Cardiff Castle

The other day I was telling you a little bit about the history of Cardiff and what places to visit in this beautiful city in Wales , surrounded by an incredible natural environment. In this wonderful environment you find spectacular monuments such as Cardiff Castle, a place full of mysteries and full of history that is one of the favorite destinations for anyone who likes architecture tourism and, above all, who likes to visit castles and ancient fortresses from other cultures.

Cardiff Castle is in the heart of Cardiff, and thanks to the occupation of noble families and its Norman past it has become one of the most important in the country. Its architecture is spectacular, as well as being the perfect example of classic Norman buildings. In 200 years of history, it has counted among its tenants such illustrious figures as the Duke of Normandy , who was a prisoner within its walls by order of King Henry I of England, who was also his brother.

Throughout its history it has been the scene of multiple battles, until it was finally reconquered by the Welsh in 1404 and passed into the hands of the first Duke of Bedford . Thanks to its exciting history, it has become one of the most visited places by tourists, as well as being an important place where all kinds of events such as concerts, conferences, workshops, talks and many other activities that take place in Cardiff take place. .

In 2008 an Interpretation Center was inaugurated where you can see a film that tells you the whole history of the castle and all its corners, rooms and secret hiding places. An essential visit if you are going to be in Wales , you will not only know the history of this place but you will discover a landscape full of magic and pure nature.