Copenhagen bicycles

In the Danish capital Copenhagen , office workers and government officials cycle to work every day. The bicycle is one of the Danish favorite means of transport. The city is characterized by a free bicycle service that can be used by everyone. Analyze the pros and cons of this service that we detail below:

– Pros
a) There are more than 100 parking stations for bicycles
b) Cycling is very safe and highly regulated
c) It’s free!

– Cons
a) Maybe not comfortable enough for too long trips
b) City bikes are not easy to find, not even at the Freeport Terminal

As we mentioned, this service is free , all you need is to leave a deposit of 20 Danish crowns that will be returned when you leave the bike . Remember that you can use them during the visit to the city, without having to exhaust yourself since Copenhagen does not have great slopes so the physical effort will be minimal.

There are bike lanes along most roads. These bike lanes have their own regulation system with traffic lights. More than 150,000 citizens of Copenhagen annually cross the border with their bicycles. The capital of Denmark has more than 1,300 of these bikes that are in more than 110 parking stations.

Fun fact : the city of Copenhagen gave as an official gift to American President Bill Clinton, one of these bicycles during his visit in 1997. The bicycle was called "City Bike One" (in reference to Air Force One).