Cudillero, a fishing village

The Spanish town of Cudillero is one of the many typical fishing villages in Asturias . Today it still retains its special charm. Its colorful houses that have been built on the slopes of the three mountains that surround it, make the place do not leave anyone who visits it indifferent. The town as a whole constitutes an impressive and picturesque landscape, of great beauty.

As you walk through its streets you can feel the sensation of being connected to the sea . You will find unique corners, narrow streets, steep streets that will take you to the viewpoints (located in the heart of the old town) from which you can contemplate the entire town and the immensity of the sea. It is a picturesque fishing village that invites you to get lost in it and to stroll through its port and its narrow streets.

One of the most striking places in this small Asturian town is the Plaza de la Marina . From this square you can perfectly see the amphitheater that constitutes the town as a whole. It is made up of all the houses that act as boxes, and the square. All this makes up an extraordinary, unique and beautiful setting. In fact, the place has been declared a Historic Artistic Site.

In this Plaza de la Marina, there are also several restaurants , as well as cider houses and seafood restaurants . In all of them for a reasonable and affordable price you can enjoy the gastronomic delights of the Asturian sea and land. It is a town that if you pass through Asturias you should not miss, it will not disappoint you. It is located approximately 50 kilometers from Gijón and 60 from Oviedo.