Customs in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro
Brazil , the fifth largest country in the world, is a wonderful place to which thousands of tourists decide to travel each year. Cities as attractive as Rio de Janeiro and beaches like those in the state of Alagoas make it a magnificent destination.

Good weather is guaranteed and also the sympathy of the people, with whom you can mix without any problem as long as you do not get into dangerous areas at especially delicate times. If you want to know a little more about the country and the customs of Brazilians , I recommend you pay attention to everything that I tell you below.

What are the Brazilians like?

Brazilians are very friendly. They are happy people who will try to help you in everything they can regardless of whether you are a tourist who has nothing to do with them. They are helpful and not serious at all . Quite the opposite. With them you can enjoy very pleasant days, something that you will surely be able to see firsthand if you travel to Brazil and have hired the services of a native guide who is happy in his work.

The religion

We could say that it is one of the countries where religion is taken more seriously. Most are Catholic and for many Christianity is the most important thing in their lives. It is estimated that 65% of the population is Catholic Christian and 22% Protestant Christian.

Christ redeemer


In the mix is ​​the flavor. African, indigenous and European cuisines offer a wide range of dishes that surprise tourists. The feijoada, which consists of salted pork and black beans, is one of the star foods and is usually eaten on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We must also mention the famous caipirinha that they prepare in so many bars and pubs around the world. In Brazil you can taste the authentic cocktail they have been preparing since the 19th century.


As in Spain, the bride always arrives later than the groom for the ceremony. The bride has the names of her unmarried friends written on the inside of her dress. At the banquet it is customary for both the bride and groom to eat bem-casado , a wrapped sweet whose name translates as "happily married."


Social customs

In Brazil, dinner is usually similar to that of Spain. Unlike what happens in other countries, where they tend to get ahead, there it is normal to start dinner at 8 in the afternoon.

It must be said that they take life more calmly than Europeans and that they greet each other with one or two kisses, depending on the place. In Sao Paulo a kiss is usually given on the right cheek, while in Rio de Janeiro two kisses are given (one on each cheek). In Minas Gerais, by the way, there are three kisses.


Depending on the area of ​​Brazil where you move, you will see some traditional dresses or others. In Salvador de Bahía, women wear baianas , which means wearing a white blouse with lace and a long skirt. They usually wear long necklaces and a headscarf, which undoubtedly indicates that it is clearly linked to Afro-Brazilian culture.



The most normal thing is to speak in Portuguese, although you can also do it in English. The most normal thing is to shake hands , although between women they usually give two kisses. Brazilians are never in a hurry to close a deal. They take their time and move forward in negotiations based on trust. When saying goodbye in a first meeting, the usual thing is to exchange business cards written in Portuguese.

Soccer, samba and capoeira

There is nothing that makes Brazilians happier. They are the country with the most soccer world championships and they love both samba and capoeira. Samba is a musical style that came from Africa and is also influenced by the Portuguese. It is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that mixes acrobatics, dance and music .

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