Design hotels around the world

Entering a room in a design hotel has become a dream come true. Pure white lines with a clear minimalist design are no longer just the ingredients of design hotels; Today, individualism mixed with classic touches is becoming the most requested style by the most demanding travelers.

A clear example of this is the Gramercy Park hotel designed by Ian Schrager in New York. Formed by a total of 185 rooms, it combines classicism with the most modern lines. The lobby is a totally original Renaissance set of various colors and textures, red velvet curtains with reclaimed wood.

The Hotel Puerta América in Madrid is another brilliant example. With a total of 342 rooms spread over 12 floors each designed by different designers, this groundbreaking hotel pretends to be a work of art on all sides. The designers of the rooms did not have in their creation, neither budget limit nor color limit or materials, that is why each room is a work of art different from the rest

We return to the United States, specifically to Manhattan , and we find the Rivington Hotel, which is a dazzling 21-story glass tower that rises in the city in contrast to the red brick houses that surround it. In the rooms, not only their careful design stands out, but also the light and space of them.

The Basic hotel in Playa del Carmen in Mexico is another hotel that you should not miss. Not only will its rooms amaze you with its spectacular views, but the design also reaches the Juice Bar where you will only find fresh fruits to drink.