Different way hotel in London

Thanks to A Room for London , visitors to the city will be able to stay in a one-bedroom apartment on the roof of Southbank Center. The winning design is a project by David Kohn Architects and artist Fiona Banner based on a " floating house " on top of Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Commissioned by Living Architecture and Artangel, this unusual accommodation will be part of the events to be held on the occasion of the London 2012 festival. The opening of reservations will be made from the month of September of this year. A spokesperson for Living Architecture has explained that the idea was to create a space in one of the most visible places in the British capital, where up to two people can spend a unique night in an exemplary architectural landmark.

The winning design Kohn and Banner is a ship guests must go to rest on. From the bottom and top of these handcrafted wood ‘decks’, there will be extraordinary views of London, stretching from Big Ben to St Paul’s Cathedral. Apart from other details, the ship-hotel will have a flag indicating that the room is occupied, or an on-board log in which guests can record their memories.

You can only book one night and as we mentioned, these reservations can be made from September 8. The project is part of a trend in many countries to convert well-known public buildings into passing hotels , such as the Everlast hotel on top of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.