Discover Idaho

The history of Idaho is very rich and varied. American Indians, hunters, miners, loggers, railroad builders and farmers were in charge of creating the pioneering pillars of a place that you can visit during your vacations. The rich heritage that these left, today can be discovered throughout the city. The state of Idaho is located on the western side of the Rocky Mountain Continental Divide. Northern Idaho has the highest concentration of lakes you can imagine. Evergreen forests also abound.

The Salmon River offers you some of the best waters in the world for kayaking and rafting. Sawtooth Wilderness Area and the White Cloud peaks will provide you with more recreational opportunities. The world famous Sun Valley lies between these mountains. Hells Canyon, the deepest in North America, is located on the western border of the state, dominated by Seven Devils Mountains .
In the southwestern part of Idaho the real stars are the dunes. In Bruneau State Park you will spend an unforgettable day touring these impressive dunes that we will tell you about. In the south-central region is the impressive area known as Craters of the Moon National Monument . Idaho is definitely an outdoor lover’s paradise.
Skiing is also very important. It has 16 areas in which to practice alpine skiing, more than 320 kilometers (200 miles) of routes to practice Nordic, more than 11,500 km (7,200 miles) of routes to travel by snowmobile, numerous lakes and reservoirs, you can also practice fishing in streams and discovering several dozen state parks and national forests .