Discover the historic center of Salzburg

Salzburg is a beautiful Austrian city steeped in history and with about 150,000 inhabitants. It is the typical medieval city where you seem to have gone back in time and to be in that time at every step you take, a real wonder if you like to visit the historic center of the cities, which is also where you can best know what that has been. city ​​and what is its life and history. Its cultural value is so great that UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site in 1997 thanks, among other things, to those medieval streets that transport you to any movie or television series set in the era that you have seen.

The city is divided in two by the Salzach river , and to see the historical part you have to go along the left bank, which is surrounded by the Monchsberg Hills . One of the best characteristics of this area is that it is pedestrianized, so you can walk quietly through its streets without worrying that a vehicle may appear. In one of them streets, Getreidegasse (they all end in –asse), Mozart was born , also very close to the great towers that can be seen in the different churches, as well as the Hohensalzburg Fortress , an enclosure with almost a thousand years of history and which is also made up of several towers and walls.

If you are going to visit Salzburg , you cannot miss the Episcopal Palace , St. Peter’s Abbey , the Franciscan Church … a true open-air museum with so many styles and so much beauty in every corner of the city. A beautiful city to visit, especially if you are a lover of architecture where the styles you will find are medieval, Renaissance and Gothic. Do not think about it and, if you are going to travel to Austria or surroundings, stop by Salzburg.