Don’t give up on your vacation

beach vacation
The long-awaited summer vacations are getting closer and closer, but we are very aware that the effects of the crisis have reduced our budget dedicated to travel to the point of almost disappearing. But there is no reason to give up that pleasant summer respite, and it is that finding cheap trips is possible; you just need to know how and where to look to organize your holidays cheaply.

Today we can go directly to the Internet to find out about the latest travel offers, as there are more and more online search engines that track and compare flights and hotels in different companies, until we find the cheapest offer. Thus, finding cheap hotels will be easier, cheaper and faster than going to an intermediary agency.


As for transportation, if you decide to fly, a good option is to look for last-minute flights , since airlines offer several throughout the week in order to issue tickets that they have not sold or those that have not been sold. that have been exchanged or returned by the first buyer, with a price considerably lower than the original. If you prefer the road, look for the bus routes that best cover your destinations or, why not, share gas costs with a friend or family member.


Rent of private rooms and apartments

If your budget is tight or you prefer to live a more personal experience, escaping from the bustling hotels, you are in luck since saving on accommodation is also possible. In addition to staying in a hostel, hostel or one of the – increasingly fashionable – B&B (Bed and Breakfast), you can also dare with the latest phenomenon that is revolutionizing tourism in recent years: renting a room or an apartment private, choosing from the wide variety available on the net. Also, if you are a good bargainer, you will have the opportunity to negotiate the total price with the owner who decides to rent his home by contacting him directly. Another similar option is the exchange of houses or even sofas, for which there are also many portals on the Internet.

Now you just have to look for the best deals and … count the days left until the start of your vacation!