Dos and don’ts on a trip

When an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at President Bush during a press conference in December 2008, few people knew that this was one of the biggest offenses that can be done. In Arab countries, the soles of the feet are impure, so never throwing a shoe at a person is one of the biggest insults. If you are abroad on business or pleasure, you should know what you can do and what you should not do to avoid problems.

Be careful where you do your " romantic activities ." We have all heard the cases of couples arrested in some places like Jumeirah (Dubai), not only for obscene bad behavior, but also for having sex outside of marriage .

Be careful with respect for religion . In Sudan, British professor Gillian Gibbons faced 40 lashes for blasphemy in 2007. His crime? Give the name of Muhammad to a teddy bear. Gibbons was finally pardoned after eight days in detention, but had to leave the country. Thais are very conservative when it comes to their royalty. Australian writer Harry Nicolaides was arrested for criticizing the monarchy in a book. Finally, he was pardoned by the King after spending 6 months in prison. Visitors are advised not to spoil money.

New Zealand Maori continue their traditional nose-rubbing salute; the greeting is called "hongi." In Russia , you should never shake hands or you run the risk of having a problem. Arab men can walk hand in hand, it is considered a sign of kinship and does not imply any sexual connotations.