Eat around the world

When we go on a trip , what is the idea we have about a good meal? Do you really want to eat well or try new things? Here is a small list of the cities where you can eat wonderfully with some ingredients a little different from what you are used to:

– Shanghai, China
Look for some local delicacies that will surprise you: hairy crab, jelly-filled buns, and very tasty fish balls that you won’t even know how to tell.

– Milano, Italy
The chicest city, it is home to some very expensive restaurants whose dishes include delicacies such as panzerotti, calzone-style fried mozzarella and tomato paste with charcoal-grilled meat.

– Beijing, China
The famous Peking duck is essential, but don’t lose sight of the chicken cooked in clay pots with lotus leaves and clay. Some restaurants still make the classic turtle soup …

– Hong Kong, China
With the immense variety of restaurants it has, here you can find very special dishes such as Cantonese steamed pork, shark fin balls and peacock soup.

– Mexico City, Mexico
This city is much more than the taco capital of the world. Burritos, tortas, Swiss enchiladas, quesadillas, Huevos Rancheros, etc.

– Tokyo Japan
Place par excellence of sushi, It is also known for sashimi, gyoza, udon and tempura. Other traditional dishes are Okonomiyaki and Gyūdon (a meat dish with onion served in a bowl filled with rice)

– Paris France
Try the sweet delicacies that they offer you: chocolate cakes, apricot bread, etc. As for bistros, they should not be overlooked, as are oysters, sea snails, venison (venison), and wild boar.