Eat during the trip

We all love to eat , and one of the best things about travel is that we eat differently. We try to try typical dishes, which we may like more or less, but what is clear is that when we travel we eat differently. Today there are many travelers who travel the world looking for the best dishes and the best gourmet shops. We can eat very well, but finding the ingredients for those dishes is sometimes not an easy task.

If what we are looking for is a good ham , we will probably find the best ham in Parma , since in case you didn’t know, Parma is known as the city of hams. Around Parma, the real deal is Culatello , which is a distinguished loin ham.

If we want to try a unique meat, we will not hesitate to travel to Japan to taste an exquisite and inimitable dish of Kobe meat. Americans can already taste this meat that until not too long ago was prohibited in the country. Of this meat we can find other varieties such as Hokkaido, Sendai, Matsuzaka meat and the exquisite Kumamoto Red meat.

When we decide to take a trip focusing on the gastronomy of the country, we will study well the typical dishes and the places where we can find such foods. Most of the countries have large grocery stores where we can find what we are looking for.

Some of the most important " supermarkets " in the world are:

Tokyo : Tsukiji Fish Market
San Francisco : Ferry Building Marketplace
Paris : La Grande Epicerie
Barcelona : Mercat de la Boqueria
Berlin : KaDeWe Gourmet Floor
Mexico : Merced Market
New York : Greenmarkets
Milan : Peck
Tokyo : Takashimaya
London : Borough Market