Eat in venice

Italian food is one of my favorites, no matter how much it is said that it is the least healthy, since although many people think that there are only pizzas and pasta there, the truth is that in its gastronomy you can find fish, seafood, cheeses and delicious wines. One of the cities where you eat the best is Venice , perhaps because it is one of the cities that attracts the most tourists each year, which makes them strive every day to have the best food for everyone who visits the city.

If you are going to travel to Venice and you want to know what you can eat during your trip, I will give you a hand so you can orient yourself. What stands out the most are its trattorias and rosticcerie, which are the cheapest restaurants in the city and where you can find all kinds of pastas, pizzas, seafood and fish. Take note of what you can eat in Venice:

Fish and meat : Venetian fish are very famous and there is a great variety, although if one should be highlighted, it would be the San Pedro fish, eels or monkfish. The meats are also delicious, especially the liver, which is one of the great specialties of Venetian cuisine. Both meat and fish are usually accompanied by a bowl of rice as a complement.

Pasta and pizza : Everything you can imagine and more. Making a recommendation in this section is difficult since it depends a lot on the tastes of each one, but without a doubt, Venetian pizza should be tried during your stay in the city of canals.

Sweets : If you like pastries you will discover a true paradise on your trip to Venice. The San Marcos cake is the most traditional and famous sweet in the city, and there are also plenty of patisseries where you can try a thousand and one delicacies. Gummies are a luxury, although they are not very good for you, I recommend you try some. Of course, Italian ice cream, a classic and one of the best things about Italian food.

Drinks : In addition to a great wine list of all kinds, a cappuccino is the best for any time of the day, especially at breakfast or in the middle of the afternoon.