Eating in León

If you are looking for a place for your holidays in Spain, one of the most beautiful places you can visit is León . Spanish gastronomy is one of the best in the world, and in León you can also eat a multitude of little things that will surely make your palate enjoy. The specialties that you can find in León are roast meats, Cocido Maragato, roasted red peppers, black sauce, chorizo, trout and, to drink, some excellent wines.

There are many restaurants in which you can eat in León , but I will start with the tapas places, something typical in our country and which is what we like the most before eating or even instead of eating. In the vicinity of the Plaza de San Martín there are several pedestrian streets and it is there where you will find the best tapas. In El Tizón you will find excellent meats and sauces in very varied tapas, in Celso II you can eat the best tortillas in the city, in La Taberna you have all kinds of seafood and crustaceans and in La Llar a great variety of tapas with the gastronomy of León. Four very different places for all types of palates.

As for restaurants, experts and the public say that the best in town is the Vivaldi Restaurant , which offers innovative cuisine using traditional local produce. There is also the Alfonso V Restaurant , which mixes traditional cuisine with more modern dishes, in the Cocinandos Restaurant you have a creative cuisine menu that changes every week and the Bodega Regia Restaurant is the most frequented by Leonese and you have very simple dishes made with products of very good quality and with a very good price. Do you know any more?