Eating in New Zealand

The gastronomy of New Zealand is very diverse that is why many decide to travel to the area to discover all the secrets it hides, culinary speaking. The dishes are mainly made up of local ingredients. The cuisine is generally described as a typical Pacific cuisine with influences from Europe, Asia and Polynesia.

Auckland and the northern region of the country have diverse specialties. They focus much more on the use of oriental citrus, nuts, avocado and vegetables. Tarakihi, Hapuku, and sole are the most common cooking fish in the north, while in the colder southern region there is a greater preference for grouper and turbot. In the Taranaki, Hawke’s Bay, Wairarapa Canterbury and Southland regions they are more inclined to meat , and in particular to lamb meat.

New Zealand
There are areas in New Zealand where venison (Cervena) is preferred by most restaurants , since it is characterized by a low fat content, so it is very healthy. For wine lovers, New Zealand will become a paradise. There are a large number of populations that are exclusively dedicated to viticulture. Each region has its own specialty and these are perfectly combined with the most typical dishes.

In Mt Maunganui you will find small food stores where you can buy a large number of ingredients to take back home. You can buy : smoked meats, sticky orange candies or directly, freshly made butter cakes. In New Zealand you can enjoy endless restaurants where you can taste true culinary delights that you will never forget.