Ecological tourism

Lately, ecological tourism has become very fashionable, although many people do not know that 20 years ago it already had its time of success. Doing activities that do not harm the environment is the main objective of this type of tourism, which in addition to being ecological allows you to enjoy the wonderful nature that we have.

Many of the characteristics of ecological tourism are common with adventure tourism , but it really is not the same, since here what is intended is to make people aware of how badly we treat our environment on many occasions, so activities are proposed that help to preserve it much better and that at the same time are very fun. Take note of the tips to switch to ecotourism :

– There is no specific place established to become an ecological tourist , you can start by traveling by means of transport that do not pollute the environment and if you travel by plane that is not a very long flight.

– Choose natural destinations where you are not going to consume electricity, such as going camping. Of course, let it be one of a tent and a small bonfire every night, since if you go to a cabin you will be consuming electricity as well.

– Would you be able to be without a mobile all your vacations? Not only would you avoid transmitting the waves of your phone for a few days but surely in the end you would appreciate it, and it is that a few days without knowing the outside world come great.

– Do activities that keep you in touch with nature, such as horseback riding , canoeing or hiking. With any of them you will discover the wonderful landscapes that there are and you will learn to value them much more.

In case you have any doubts, the International Ecotourism Society proposes a lot of alternatives to traditional trips and all over the world they have centers that can help you plan your ecological vacations.