Economy class syndrome

You have probably heard many times about the Economy Class Syndrome , which is nothing other than what many people who travel in this class suffer on the plane and who during long trips are at risk of blood clots or blood clots. deep vein thrombosis in the legs due to poor mobility due to tight spaces on airplanes. These clots can be dangerous if they don’t dilute and form a thrombus, so here are some tips to avoid Economy Class Syndrome :

Avoid wearing tight clothing , uncomfortable shoes, belts, etc.

Drink plenty of fluids , and if allowed get up to ask for it and drink it in the flight attendant and hostess area. This is not allowed in all companies, so ask first.

– Do not drink alcoholic beverages or coffee.

– Avoid sleeping in a hunched posture or with your legs crossed as this obstructs blood circulation.

Stretch as much as you can , especially your legs.

– Take a walk down the hall from time to time and do some exercises with your arms or push-ups with your knees.

Wiggle your toes for one minute every hour.

– Make rotations with your ankles and, if you can, massage your legs discreetly whenever you can, it is convenient that everything circulates and the body does not fall asleep in that position for hours as it can atrophy.

Also tell you that smokers, obese, with vascular risks or the elderly are the ones who should take this issue more seriously, especially if they are going to make trips lasting more than four hours.