Enjoy ecotourism in Cuba

In Cuba you can enjoy a lot of varied landscapes, all of them spectacular and that will make your trip an unforgettable experience. Big cities, small towns and natural landscapes that make you feel like you are in paradise. That is why it becomes an ideal place to enjoy ecotourism , increasingly fashionable and that is the one that takes tourists to visit places where they can enjoy Nature.

Sustainable tourism is vital anywhere in the world, especially to preserve the environment and so that tourists can enjoy a great variety of flora, fauna and vegetation. In Cuba you can see many natural corners that are perfectly cared for since there is a lot of vigilance that no one can spoil the natural environment in any corner of the island.

Natural tourism

Cuba is a very interesting natural destination, and proof of this is that millions of tourists from all over the world decide to visit its natural landscapes every year. A very complete destination that makes it one of the first in terms of natural tourism and that is complemented by hundreds of spectacular beaches where you can relax for several hours and enjoy not only the landscape but also the good weather.


Where to enjoy it

Although practically all over the island you can enjoy natural landscapes, there are places where the experience will be much more incredible. Among them, the province of Villa Clara stands out , which has its maximum natural exponent in Lake Hanabanilla, with an impressive beauty. It is also worth visiting the provinces of Sancti Spiritus and Cienfuegos, the most complete to practice natural tourism. Trails, routes and lakes to take a walk contemplating a unique natural environment. Special mention should be made of Cueva La Maravillosa , a spectacular underground museum that is unique in America.