Enjoy in Bermuda

Bermuda is famous for its pinkish sand beaches, the crystal blue of its waters and the green of its famous golf courses. Thanks to this color and its long history you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable trip . Bermuda has a distinctive culture: classic British tradition (dating back to colonial times) is combined with a more relaxed attitude befitting the area in which they are located. In court, for example, local lawyers can still wear very informal suits that attract the attention of those who are not used to it.

The city of St. George’s dates back to 1600 and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city of Hamilton (not to be confused with the parish of the same name, further northeast) is the center of Bermuda where the main port and most of the shops are located. The Royal Shipyard , in the West End, is a former British shipyard that has been transformed into an impressive and attractive tourist center.

These three destinations can be easily explored on foot. The rest of the main island, however, is almost better to discover by taxi, motorcycle or bicycle if you are fit as the rest of the island presents quite mountainous terrain. The main roads are: North Shore Road, Middle Road, South Road (also known as South Shore Road), and Harbor Road.

Bermuda has long been thought of as an expensive vacation destination , but since the Bermuda dollar is on par with the American, visitors from the United States have increased their visits which has led to increased tourism. much.