Europe’s first revolving hotel

The Adriatic Coast is becoming more fashionable every day. That is why they have decided to make Croatia the “home” of the first revolving hotel in Europe. The hotel will become the heart of a new complex to be built near Split, the second largest city in Croatia . Its location is unbeatable; on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The objective of this location has been to ensure that all future hotel guests have wonderful views of the sea.

The revolving rooms have been designed by Richard Hywel Evans. The new hotel will be built on the island of Solta and will rotate 1.3 times a day so that all guests can have different views of the bay. The three-story building will be quite large and will sit on a rotating platform that will be in charge of moving the hotel. In the central nucleus, which is the one that will remain static , will be the reception area, the stairs and the elevators. In order not to have to always be looking for the door, the entrance to the hotel will be located on the lower floor, under the revolving block.

The hotel will have in its facilities an impressive swimming pool that will be structured in a staggered manner. The hotel will have a wide variety of facilities, including a spa. The project extends along the bay coming to stand in front of the marina.

More details are not yet known, but it seems that regarding the technological equipment the hotel will have the latest of the latest. Neither is anything known about the final cost of the work, the completion date or when its construction will begin.