Excursions in Mauritius

In Mauritius there are a lot of spectacular natural landscapes that will make your trip totally unforgettable. A trip that can be very romantic if you go as a couple but also very adventurous if you do it alone. Thanks to the different cultures and races that have inhabited Mauritius, you can see the great variety of environments that it has and that become the most striking thing for tourists.

As if it were paradise, in Mauritius you can enjoy a relaxing vacation resting on the beach or a few days of adventure doing water sports. There is room for everything and many places to discover. If you want to discover the best of the place, take note of these excursions in Mauritius so you do not miss the most interesting:

Activities : There are many excursions that you can take only to do various activities, such as fishing, diving or hiking. Routes designed for different types of tourists so that you find the perfect one for you.

Port Luis : It is a market that is in the capital of Mauritius and where you can find a route of spices, ideal to find the most exotic and original condiments to dress any dish.

Domaine des Etoiles : Ideal for those who love adventure and speed. It is a Natural Reserve that offers you thousands of hectares to practice adventure sports or take a ride on horseback, on a quad bike or in a 4 × 4.

Surf : There are many surf schools throughout the island and in the hotels they make groups to get better prices. The excursions are usually made to the west and south areas since they are the best to practice this sport.

Weddings : Would you like to surprise your partner with a wedding in Mauritius? Many couples decide to take an excursion so they can get married even if they already are. Weddings at the bottom of the sea, about 30 meters deep, are very successful on the island.