Famous bars in Los Angeles

To travel to Los Angeles is to do it to the mecca of cinema, glamor and celebrities. There it is very normal to cross the street with Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt or any other star of Hollywood or the world of music. Among the many things you must do when you visit the city, you should always leave time for fun, so I will give you a list of the most famous bars in Los Angeles so you can go have a drink. The list was made by The Guardian :

The Kibitz Room : It is the anteroom of a 24-hour gourmet shop and was renovated in 2007. Now it has a gigantic television to enjoy sports broadcasts, it does not match much with its style but it is still a spectacular place and with a lot success.

Bar 107 : It is a central bar that has gradually grown to become one of the most famous. It has a very kitsch old decoration that takes center stage. Highly recommend ordering a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Delicious

The Frolic Room : It is on Hollywood Boulevard, in the same building as the Pantages Theater and has been there for about 75 years. He was in the movie LA Confidential, specifically Kevin Spacey having a drink and leaving a good tip. Many celebrities come to him to have a drink in their leisure time.

Musso Frank’s : Officially called ‘The Musso and Farnk Grill’, although everyone calls it something else. It was opened in 1919 and is one of the best known bars in old Hollywood, also hosting many celebrities.
El Carmen : In it you will see portraits of Mexican rebels, masks, spectacular ceiling fans and, of course, lots of bottles of tequila. Before 7 in the afternoon they serve you free nachos, authentic nachos, accompanied by a delicious margarita for which you will pay four dollars.

The Dime : This place is more like going to have a few dances since from 11 at night the music is very loud and you can hardly speak. Before then it is a great place to chat and have a quiet drink.

Pete’s : Here you will meet the most influential people in the city as well as many stars of cinema, music or any other art.

326 Farmers Market : It is one of the most cosmopolitan places in the city, where you will find many shops and restaurants with a very varied clientele. In the center of the market is Bar 326, which has a very cool beer happy hour that is fantastic.