Garden Route in South Africa

The Garden Route runs through the N2 along the coast from Mossel Bay to Plettenberg Bay. You will eventually pass through Tsitsikamma National Park and then, returning on the R62 through Oudtshoorn and Stellenbosch, you will find a much greener landscape that will remind you of England. Garden Route will take you through such incredible places as:

It is a city with the heart of a coastal town, despite new housing that is spreading as fast as wildfire. It is the right place for whale watching from the cliff area. Hermanus also offers kayak excursions among other activities. You can’t miss Grotto Walker Beach.

Mossel Bay
It can be said that it is the disappointing start of the Garden Route. It is messy and uninteresting for most tourists, with the exception of surfers who find some excellent waves.

It is an ex-developed paradise that is located next to a beautiful lagoon. It has a modern tourist pier where you can buy oysters. The dense forests have disappeared to make way for roads for walking or quad biking.

Plettenberg Bay
It is the place where more activities are carried out on its beaches. You will find a very lively atmosphere.

Nature Valley
It is a small valley, incredibly quiet that has a small coastal town where you can eat something in its cozy restaurant, and then go shopping in its only store. It is surrounded by impressive dunes that will take you to its impressive beach .

Warning: you wo n’t find the internet anywhere.