Get to know Palau

The Republic of Palau is inimitable. Most tourists who decide to travel there spend a lot of time underwater, as Palau is one of the most spectacular diver destinations in the world. It features coral reefs, blue holes, wartime shipwrecks, hidden caves and tunnels, and hundreds of marine species to discover.

Visitors will find what many call miracles of nature or simple natural evolution: giant clams that weigh a quarter of a ton, and a lake filled with millions of soft, non-stinging jellyfish. But, not everything in the area is water. On land you will find yourself in a Republic rich in flora and fauna of Micronesia. Exotic birds fly around the islands, crocodiles glide through the mangroves, and orchids burst forth from different locations.

The Palau archipelago is very diverse. It encompasses the polyglot state of Koror, the wonderful Rock Islands, Babeldaob, Peleliu, Angaur, the coral atolls of Kayangel and Ngeruangel, and the remote South-West Islands. The inhabitants of the area are extremely nice and everywhere you will find the well-known WAVE (Welcome All Visitors Enthusiastically) and STARS (Start Treating Alcohol Related Symptoms) signs.

Soon you will find yourself very comfortable in a true paradise and soon you will find the meaning of the acronym of this small place ‘Palau’s Archipelago: Lovely and Unique’. The climate, as you can imagine, is tropical throughout the year and maintains temperatures that range between 26-28 degrees. Perfect for a vacation.