Get to know Philadelphia

Founded in 1682 by William Penn, the city of Philadelphia has become the fifth largest city in the nation. The city is steeped in American history. In addition, it became the capital of the country from 1791 to 1800. Philadelphia has become one of the cultural epicenters thanks to a recent thought and study " revitalization " that has allowed it to win the title of "number one" in what It has restaurants are concerned.

Philadelphia offers an impressive variety of things to do for anyone who decides to visit. Rittenhouse Square District offers the best of Philadelphia. Stroll down Rittenhouse Row where you will find some of the world’s leading designer shops. You can also make a stop at some of the great cafes in the outdoor area. In this neighborhood, you can find everything that is directly related to luxury.

At night, the area offers great entertainment, especially along the Avenue of the Arts, where you can find: the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Pennsylvania Ballet, Mutter Museum and City Hall. Just north of the city center is Manayunk . The name comes from a native term that means "where we are going to drink."

Manayunk has flourished as a space where people go to relax through its streets, its boutiques, restaurants and bars. The area is so full of people, so it is essential to put your car in a parking lot if you want to park somewhere. Others choose directly to rent a car with a driver. You decide that.