Go scuba diving on vacation

scuba diving2
Today, scuba diving is an activity that many decide to practice during their vacations. Before diving into the water, you must take an initiation course, in which you will learn a little about the history of scuba diving . In 1943, the famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, together with Emile Gagnan, invented the scuba, more commonly known as scuba (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus).

Since then, many advances in diving-related technology have created more user-friendly, safer and more affordable equipment. This allows many people to have their first experience under the sea during their vacations. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors ( PADI ) explains that almost a million people a year obtain their certification of the well-known scuba diving (recreational diving).
scuba diving
All those who are new to this world will be able to take weekend excursions to explore shipwrecks on the high seas, coral reefs or simply enjoy the most exotic seabed that can be imagined. Remember that the underwater environment is hostile to humans and offers unique challenges for the diver with respect to breathing, temperature control, visibility and buoyancy.

The basic equipment needed for diving enables the diver to deal with these problems in the water. In total, divers wear a kit that usually weighs between 60-75 pounds (27-34 kilograms). To keep warm under the water, the divers wear insulation suits which are what we know as wetsuits. These suits should fit snugly.