Go trekking

One of the great attractions when preparing for vacations or looking for what to do on a day off is undoubtedly doing outdoor activities , since you have many options to choose from that not only are some good for being in shape but also they are also very funny. Bungee jumping, hiking or trekking, and it is the latter that I want to talk to you about.

Trekking allows you to fully enjoy the place where you are, with routes specially designed for that walk, either in natural spaces or in a city, today it is practiced a lot in both places. If you are going to go on vacation this summer and practice it, I bring you a few places that in addition to being incredible places have fantastic trekking routes :

Mount Kilimanjaro : it is in Tanzania and is one of the most visited places by lovers of adventure tourism and by all those who want to go on expeditions. There you will find many trails to be in direct contact with nature.

Central Park : the mythical heart of New York is an incredible place and one of the largest parks in the world. It offers you the possibility of doing a good walk in a wonderful environment within the madness that is the city. Thousands of people trek there every day.

Grand Canyon National Park : undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, in the United States, where there are many routes and trails to enjoy this incredible masterpiece that nature created.

Ben Nevis : it is in Scotland and is one of the best destinations in the world for trekking. Hills, lakes, valleys and spectacular vegetation.

Inca Trail : if you are going to travel to Peru, I recommend that you dedicate one day of your vacation to visit this place. It has a hike that begins at the Urubamba River and ends at the ruins of Machu Pichu. It is spectacular since throughout the journey you can enjoy one of the most spectacular landscapes in Latin America.