Going on a safari through the savannah of Kenya

Kenya , a country in East Africa, is a former British colony . The country obtained its independence on December 12, 1963 under the impulse of its liberator, Jomo Kemyatta, who assumed the presidency of the republic a year later.
Places like Kenya are preferred by tourists to see large animals live . Thanks to its privileged location, it has a large number of nature reserves and parks that allow the visitor to see elephants, lions, giraffes, buffaloes, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, zebras, gazelles, antelopes, flamingos and an incredible number of animals that live in freedom , which many people only get to know in zoos in big cities.
The safaris in Kenya are usually done in two modalities : One very economical, in tents and with vehicles of eight people and others more expensive: In lodges, which are accommodations in the middle of the parks with amenities comparable to 5-star hotels, and with large off-road vehicles. The prices fluctuate between 60 dollars a day and others about ten times more.
Mount Kenya, the country’s highest point, rises to 5199 meters and has, for its part, the characteristic of conserving eternal snow on its top.
Go shopping in Mombasa . Biashara Street is one of the best places to buy kikoi and changa fabrics; the main market in the city is Makupa Market, near Mwembe Tayari, and there is a floating market in Tudor Creek, north of the city.
Go scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, waterskiing, swimming or surfing on the Coral Coast , north and south of Mombasa. The most popular reserves are Bamburi, which is carrying out a project to protect the nesting places of the turtles, Kikambala, Kilifi, Malindi, Nyali, Shanzu, Lamu Island and Wasini Island.
sunset kenya
Tourism is the main source of income, although it has the most diversified industry in East Africa. Crops (30% of GDP): coffee and tea stand out . The main port of the country is Mombasa. The culture of Kenya is very diverse given the enormous differences between the different ethnic groups that coexist in the country. The influence of the British colonization is manifested above all in the widespread use of the English language in both commercial and cultural spheres.
In Kenya the climate is humid tropical with a rainy season between March and May and another, between October and December and a dry season . Temperatures range from a maximum of 30 degrees and a minimum of 12 degrees. In some areas of the northwest it can reach 40 degrees Celsius.