Hiking through the Valencian Community

Tourism seeks to reinvent itself to continue advancing. Many are the people who on these vacations decide to explore the flora and fauna. The Valencian Community has several places to enjoy its nature and surroundings, moving away from the big cities, so here we leave you some recommended routes.

The Garbí

Approximately 40km from the center of Valencia we can find one of the most beautiful and suitable routes for the whole family in the entire community. To the south of the Sierra Calderona is the El Garbi viewpoint, surrounded by the towns of Serra, Naquera and Segart . The short 2km circular route allows us to visit the Mirador, the Llosar and the Ermita de El Garbi . Hermitage dating from 1787 and was restored in 1993, in addition to its beautiful construction, it has large picnic areas in the area to enjoy the views.


Without leaving the Sierra Calderona, we will find the town of Olocau at the foot of the Ali-Maimó rock. This route offers several charms that is why we have several route options, some with greater difficulty than others. The best known is the path that leads to Castillo del Real or del Águila, a Muslim fortress dating from the 11th century. The route consists of 5 km of little difficulty, becoming the rockiest path at the foot of the castle.

Chulilla Hanging Bridges Route

This route begins in the town of Chulilla , this beautiful town dates from the first millennium BC and welcomes us with its imposing castle at the top.

The path is suitable for the whole family, with the exception of members who have vertigo since the main attraction is to cross the wonderful hanging bridges over the Turia River. In the event that a brave person leaves the journey early and decides to stay in town, they can wait at the famous Hoces del Turia Restaurant while playing Candy Crush , chess or poker on their cell phone to make the wait more enjoyable. If the weather is good, it is possible to take a bath in the Charco Azul, the Las Mulas backwater or in the La Judía rock. After the walk, if there is time to spare, it is ideal to visit the town and visit the Church of the Virgen de los Ángeles built on an old mosque.

Valencian Community

Albufera natural park

This place near the city of Valencia is made up of a saltwater lagoon and a sandy cord that separates it from the water of the Mediterranean Sea, this division took place during Roman times. The park has several routes available, a ludic one, landscaping, botanical, historical, fauna and flora among others. If you are more lazy, the Valencia tourist office offers two tourist buses to the Albufera, one with a roundtrip transfer from the city, plus a boat trip through the lagoon and the other option is added a popular lunch that includes the specialty from the house, Paella Valenciana.

This natural park is one of the most popular given that as one advances along the paths of the park , you can see different species of birds that migrate according to the season of the year, of which the most notable are the stork, the heron, the common spoon, the black-footed tern and the seagull.

Route of the Cliffs of Benitatxell

This coastal route through Poble Nou de Benitatxell is ideal for beach and hiking lovers as it combines both and is also perfect for all adventurers. The start of this linear route is in Cala del Moraig, from here you can easily follow the path with incredible views and 0 sensation of vertigo to the wild and almost lonely Cala Llebeig. To be attentive because surely the route will surprise you with some old caves that fishermen and even smugglers used years ago. The one-way distance is approximately 2.3 km.

These are just some of the more than 5000 km of approved trails that the Valencian Community has. An excellent way to discover unique landscapes and exercise at the same time.