Honolulu Historic Site

Hawaii doesn’t just have its own time zone. Within its capital, Honolulu , there is a mix of landmarks derived from all periods of its history: times of monarchy, missionaries, world war, high technology, etc.

The Bishop Museum
The Bishop museum is an educational and cultural complex that encourages native children to learn about and honor the ways and traditions of their ancestors. Today, it contains the largest public collection of art , relics, dioramas, costumes, texts, and photographs documenting the history of the islands. The museum has also been hailed as one of the leading research institutes in the country. Don’t miss the gift shop there you will find almost any book you want to find on the history of Hawaii or the biographies of the first rulers

Father Damien Museum
Father Damien arrived from Belgium in 1860 to care for the Native Hawaiians who had contracted the diseases brought by the settlers. His most exceptional works are associated with the leper colonies on the island of Molokai . With the bustle of people on Waikiki Beach, the museum is hidden in a church that is a little difficult to find.

Arizona Memorial and the Missouri
Even after decades there are still oil leaks from the battleship Arizona sunk in the Battle of Pearl Harbor. Inside the museum there is a wall with the names of all those who died. It shares the same port with the battleship Missouri, where the declaration of peace was finally signed.

Other places of interest that you should not miss are:
– Punchbowl
– Iolani Palace
– The Pali Highway
– Queen Emma’s Summer Palace