Hotel Una in Brighton

Perfectly situated on Brighton Regency Square , the Una Hotel is a cozy three-story boutique hotel in a Georgian building. Open since 2006 , each of its 20 rooms is named after different rivers in the world and is individually decorated.

The hotel is situated in one of the most luxurious areas of Brighton, the large rectangle of Regency Square, right in front of the beach and right in the middle of the supremacy of Georgian architecture. Behind its beautiful illuminated façade there is a small reception and a very small elevator. But once you pass this small entrance you will find huge wood paneling along with elegant lighting to make everything look much more elegant.

Despite the modern interiors, the hotel has remained true to its heritage and the situation of the area in which it is located. Its interiors are decorated with original works of art mixed with avantgarde furniture. The rooms are like little apartments with a separate bedroom, a big TV and a long, huge sofa.

The ‘ Eden ‘ room is one of the largest and has the best views. When you get up you can draw the curtains and see the beautiful sea that is in front of its large window. At the bottom you will find a small dining room where you will feel at home. The hotel also has a small bar open for everyone until eleven o’clock at night and for guests the service is uninterrupted