How can I find out what type of accommodation suits me?

Anyone can travel . In one way or another, we always find the necessary budget to get away even for just a few days. In fact, with a backpack on your back you can reach many corners of the world without having to spend a lot of money, something that those who are used to sleeping in tents can say in the first person.

So that you are clear if that is what you want or prefer another type of accommodation , I have prepared this article in which I try to clear up doubts so that you can make the best possible decision, something that will depend on several factors such as the money available, the people with which you go or the type of tourism you are going to do.


It is the option that most people come to mind when booking accommodation for their vacations. It is because of the wide range of services they offer, but also because of how easy it is to know if they are of quality thanks to the stars they have. In addition, we must not forget that the largest offer of rooms comes from hotels, so it is easier to find them in the places that we are going to visit.

The luxury that they are able to offer is not usually available to other types of accommodation, so it is usually the choice of those who seek maximum comfort . Of course, they are usually more expensive than the rest, so not everyone goes straight to a hotel, but looks for other options.


lodging house
One step below the hotels are the hostels, which do not stop being accommodations that pass the quality controls of the competent bodies. The positive part is the price, which is cheaper , and on the other hand they are also usually more familiar, which allows you to live a more pleasant experience by receiving a close treatment. In addition, you do not have to suffer for the location of the bathroom, since it is usually in the same room.

The negative part has to do with the services offered, which are not so many, and also with the state of the facilities, which are not renewed as frequently as in hotels. On the other hand, they are not usually so large establishments, so it is difficult to find a swimming pool, terrace, garden …

Apartments for rent

Are you going to travel with family or friends? Apartments are the best possible choice because they do not have a cost strictly determined by the people who are going to stay, but the price is usually the same as long as "x" number of guests is not exceeded. In addition, you not only save money on the price to pay for the stay, but you can also reduce your daily expenses by having breakfast, lunch and dinner in the apartment, something especially recommended when you travel to countries where life is very expensive, such as Norway. .

Another advantage is the privacy they offer. You don’t have to go through the typical hotel full of rooms to get to yours. The negative part? That they do not pass quality controls and that they do not always offer solutions to problems that may arise unexpectedly. That is why it is very important to look at the evaluations of other people who have already stayed in the apartment we want to reserve.


A hybrid between hotels and apartments is apartment hotels. By depending on the hotels, they do pass the quality controls that ensure compliance with current regulations. On the other hand, they can also be booked by several people and there is the possibility of cooking to save costs. The bad news is the price, which for the simple fact of having the word "hotel" associated with it skyrockets.


If you are looking for something cheap, yours is a hostel. Why? Because you pay for a bed placed in a room that you share with other people , which is why you pay less than in a hotel or an apartment. Of course, the bathroom is shared and no one guarantees that your neighbors do not snore, so it is not the best option to stay with small children. In fact, some do not accept families so as not to harm clients who stay in search of tranquility.

The facilities of the hostels are usually quite complete because they usually offer many services, especially those that are aimed at young people . The rooms can be very nice, but they can also be horrible. That is why you have to carefully review the photographs and comments of previous clients to

Bed & Breakfast

The philosophy of a bed & breakfast is perfectly summed up by its name, which means " bed and breakfast ". Those who stay in an establishment of this type are not looking for the same services as in a conventional hotel, but it is enough for them to be able to spend the night and have breakfast the next day without major frills.

It must be said that they have evolved a lot in recent years, spreading throughout all countries. At first the vast majority were with shared bathroom , but nowadays it is not difficult to find a bed & breakfast with private bathroom and with endless comforts in the room. Of course, in those cases they lose the grace of being an economical alternative to hotels.


Who doesn’t know Airbnb by now? The Californian company has made a niche for itself in the tourism sector and continues to grow, although it does so with some other legal complication , since the neighbors of the houses or rooms that are put up for rent do not take that well at all. Anyone can earn money from tourists, as some are quite unconvinced and create too many problems.

It is a very economical option that has the advantage of not giving up the comforts that a hotel room or apartment can offer you, on top of it with the possibility of being very well located. The downside is that there are no quality controls and you may find yourself in for an unpleasant surprise without having the ability to claim with the same force and effectiveness as in a hotel or an apartment. For this reason, it is vitally important to look at the comments and evaluations of other users who have opted for hosting on this popular platform that is gradually being regulated by public bodies.

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