How to bring travel money

One of the great concerns of a tourist is how to carry money . Some ideas can become unsafe. We give you the best tips so that you can choose the best way to travel with a full wallet. First of all, remember that credit cards are accepted all over the world, therefore they are a good option to avoid having to carry anything with you. We recommend you consult with your commercial representatives and get advice about: coverage abroad, benefits, insurance and services. So you can travel safely, knowing that you will pay the settlement when you return from the trip.

Ask about the use of debit cards and ATMs abroad. However, you must bear in mind that many banks usually apply quite large exchange rates, it is necessary to consult them so as not to be surprised when carrying out the operation. On the other hand, you can choose to carry traveler’s checks , since they are a very safe way to carry money and work in the same way as cash. They can be requested in banks or savings banks for the desired amount, and in case of theft, you only have to report it by phone and so that they cannot use that money. Normally, they accept it in almost all accommodation and establishments in large cities, but it is better to advise yourself before being there.

In spite of everything, it is necessary to carry small amounts of cash . In that case it is best to distribute them in different places. Choose to put it in bags tied at the waist of the pants, inside the shoes or in the smaller pockets of the pants. You should also take into account the currency exchange, if you already know that you are going to travel abroad, despite not having the ticket purchased or the exact date of departure, take a look at the currency parity . If you see the currency of origin of the place to which you will travel at a good price, do not hesitate to buy immediately before it goes up. He thinks that in the high seasons of passenger cars the prices of the currencies for the purchase tend to shoot more, since the demand increases.

The best strategy is to reserve cash for small expenses, to have the credit card as collateral or for larger purchases, and traveller’s checks for important expenses that arise or to be able to change into cash. You are ready to go on a trip!